Vegan Products

As increasing numbers of people are following vegan & plant-based diets, we have selected some of the finest vegan foods from Greece and our goal is to keep supporting this choice of diet and offer the most environmentally friendly, sustainable and ethically produced food for their diet. After all, a big percentage of the Greek and Mediterranean diet, promote green vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, plenty of fruit and homemade pasta based on our traditional habits & local ingredients.
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  1. Organic Fig Syrup "Sykomelo" ASKADA Farm
    was $13.90 Special Price $8.34 -40%
  2. Organic Halva - Wholegrain Kandy's
  3. Organic Halva with Almonds Kandy's
  4. Organic Halva - Cocoa Flavor Kandy's
  5. Organic Halva - Vanilla Flavor Kandy's
  6. Aronia Berry Beetroot Spread Berryland
  7. Aronia Berry & Sesame Jam Berryland
  8. Goji Berry Chili Spread Berryland
  9. Goji Berry Pickled Berryland
  10. Organic Pomegranate Juice Ode
  11. Organic Greek Red Saffron in Powder Krokos Kozanis
  12. Organic Amfissis Green Olives with Red Peppers Elaia Selections
  13. Organic Amfissis Green Olives with Almond Elaia Selections
  14. Wild Harvest Santorini Capers - 5 oz Santo Taste
  15. Organic Tender Vine Leaves in Brine Marianna's Vineleaves
  16. Kalamata Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Ceramic Bottle Ladi Biosas
    was $24.90 Special Price $14.94 -40%
  17. Santorini Fava PDO - Split Peas Santo Taste
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Health benefits of vegan diet

  • Lowers levels of cholesterol ensure a reduced risk of heart disease and stroke
  • Rich in natural fibers, minerals and vitamins
  • Lowers cancer risk up to 15% according to recent studies
  • Reducing weight and body mass index in comparison with other diets
  • Lowers the risk of Diabetes type 2
People choose to be vegan for health, sustainability, and animal welfare reasons. Many vegans choose this lifestyle to promote a more humane and caring world. They know they are not perfect, but believe they have a responsibility to try to do their best, while not being judgmental of others. Even for the ones not fully vegan or vegetarian, we should all make an effort to embrace a bigger percentage of these food choices in our life, as part of a global health and environmental stewardess effort.