Vanilla Spoon-sweet with Aronia Berry, Rose Pepper & Mint

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A traditional product, known in Greece as a typical welcoming treat in all family houses, our vanilla spoon sweet, blends perfectly with our delicious natural ingredients and local superfoods. More specifically, with the astringent taste of Aronia, the delicate & sparkling pink pepper taste and the cool & fragrant mint flavor. It consists of a thick white-pink paste, with rich texture and intense sweetness.

This beloved treat of our childhood, our "vanilla" spoon sweet, is served immersed in a glass of chilled water, magically transformed into a so-called "Submarine". This use of sugar paste seems to have been inspired by Confectioners who had their labs mainly in the Galata area and was originally known only in Constantinople. It was known as the "White sweet " and used for "Trainento " in the mansions, while until today it is the official treat of Patriarchate. The Greek population later migrating and returning back to Greece, brought the recipe, custom and various twists to several locations around the country. In Chios island, in the North Aegean sea, was created the most popular twist of this popular dessert, with the addition of mastic aroma, which dominates the flavor preferences until today. 

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Aronia berries*, rose pepper*, vanilla flavor, cane sugar, natural lemon juice, mint*
*products of organic farming (in the process of certification)

Add a spoonful of creamy sweet vanilla Aronia in a tall glass of ice-cold water and serve! If you would like to get more creative, you can add it as icing on your cakes!

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