AEONS Exclusive Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

16.9 fl oz | 500 ml
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Premium quality, hand-picked Cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive oil produced from green Amfissis-Olea Europea variety. 

Higher in polyphenols than other oils, this Organic extra virgin product, inherits the high nutritional and dietary value of olive oil. Produced exclusively in the village of Pteleos, under the special care of Papastergiou family. 

From the finest lots of olive oil, with specific organoleptic characteristics , our liquid-gold is hand-crafted and packaged, finished to a minimal product with a strong identity, known as AEONS EXCLUSIVE.

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100% Organic extra virgin olive oil single source. Mono-varietal Cold Pressed Organic Olive oil, produced 100% from Koroneiki Olive trees. An exclusive selection of hand-picked olives from finest quality olive groves in Magnesia, Greece.

Acidity: <0,40
Origin: Pteleos, Magnesia, GR
Variety: Amfisis – Olea Europea
Harvest: By Hand
Color: Green
Altitude: <400m
Age of olive trees: AEONS old
K232: <2,50
K268: <0,20
DK: 0,001

Pour on a slice of bread or rusk, with tomato paste, creamy feta cheese and wild oregano, like our grandfathers did for their morning snack! You can drizzle over any of your favorite salads, add over a freshly grilled fish, use as ingredient in your pasta sauces and on your marinades. Toss with quinoa, avocado, sundried tomatoes, basil & fresh garlic and add protein & cheese of your choice for a simple, quick and satisfying dish. Use for frying (medium heat) as a heart-healthy alternative to butter or other oils, or add in your pies and pasty snacks.

Origin of product

Map Pteleos/Volos - GreekBioStore
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