Thyme & Pine Honey from Crete

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The "pefkothymaromelo" as known in Crete, is a naturally occurring blend of thyme & pine honey. It has been produced in Crete for more than a century from the meticulous bee-keepers of the local community. Its particular production technique is based upon selective honeycomb harvesting in thyme, shrinking pine cones, and population renewal in the fall, which has been passed on from generation to generation of beekeepers as a traditional technique to date.

Color: This type of honey is darker than thyme but lighter than pine honey.

Aroma - Flavor: This honey satisfies even the most demanding consumers as it combines the strong aroma of thyme with the unique rich texture of pine honey.



1) Excellent antioxidant source, it is a rich source of polyphenolic antioxidants, notably flavonoids known to protect against the harmful action of free radicals and exert anti-inflammatory effects. 
2) Good source of vitamins and minerals - usually found in trace amounts, vitamins and minerals are present in honey, adding to its health benefits, containing dietary minerals such as potassium, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium and zinc
3) Rich in oligosaccharides, natural sugar-based compounds with digestive benefits, with a probiotic action, supporting healthy gut flora
4) Energizing and anti-hypoglycemic properties, as it contains natural sugars, primarily fructose and glucose. These sugars are absorbed quickly by the body and provide instant energy
5) Has antiseptic properties mainly due to the 3 following factors: an enzyme from bees called glucose oxidase, its lower acidic pH and the low moisture content of the honey
6) Great for fighting a sore throat and respiratory infections.
Pine honey is helpful for respiratory tract infections because of its antimicrobial action.
7) Effective against Candida - Due to its hydrogen peroxide content, honey can very efficiently restrict Candida's growth, but it is mandatory to consult with a medical professional first.
8) Used for chronic skin conditions as it is widely used externally for acne treatment in the form of face masks.
It is said to improve pore and overall skin appearance, closing pores, and giving skin a healthy glow. Honey, in general, has visible benefits on skin health, both detoxifying the skin and releasing a lasting firming effect for a more youthful and fresh appearance.
9) Crystallizes slowly as the fructose content in honey is higher than the glucose content


Immunomodulating effects, as thyme honey is rich in vitamin C and a good source of vitamin A

Might help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels, a recent animal study found that Thymus Vulgaris extract was able to greatly reduce the heart rate of subjects with high blood pressure plus the extract was also shown to reduce cholesterol, triglyceride and LDL levels while increasing HDL cholesterol levels.

Great source of minerals such as copper, fiber, iron, and manganese

Antioxidant properties, as it contains a variety of flavonoids — including apigenin, naringenin, luteolin and thymonin

Antimicrobial & antifungus properties
Cough relieving and expectorant effects - a combination of thyme and ivy leaves might help alleviate cough and acute bronchitis

Energizing & Mood enhancing properties due to carvacrol ingredient proven to help neuron activity

Thyme honey has a medium crystallization time, usually after a few months following harvest, and forms small to medium, fine crystals. Its color also changes and becomes lighter after 6-9 months of shelf life. Nevertheless, our raw, unprocessed, unfiltered honey is the healthiest option for you, because it preserves all its beneficial compounds unaltered and has a 3-5 year minimum storage life when stored in dry and cool places.
It is also used broadly utilized for DIY beauty and medicinal homemade crafts.

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100% Cretan naturally occurring Thyme & Pine Honey mix

Honey is the healthiest food to start your day with. Spread over fresh bread or toast, or enjoy over your cereal breakfast or even add in smoothies and blends with fruit and nuts. Ideal sweetener for coffee, tea and any other beverage of your choice.

High nutritional honey with tonic and antiseptic properties.

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