Santorini Tomato Dip with Capers and Wild Oregano

5 oz | 150 gr
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Enjoy this micro-batch, all natural and premium quality tomato dip from the volcanic terroir of Santorini island. Made from carefully selected & hand-picked tomatoes, collected at their peak flavor, this paste provides superior health benefits and high nutritional value due the islands unique limestone soil. Enhance your diet with this Gluten Free, GMO free and robust flavor product and add to your snacks, sauces & home-made recipes on a daily basis. This is a Great source of Lycopene and anti-oxidants for your daily diet.

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Santorini tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, capers, wild oregano, salt. No preservatives. No preservatives. No additives. All Natural ingredients. GMO Free. Gluten Free

Enjoy serving as a stand alone appetizer, dip or adding on your choice of bread, pizza, flatbreads, calzone and focaccia. Combine with herbs and spices to create a custom flavored dip for your diet. Taste our superior Greek quality at any time, any day!

Nutritional facts
Energy (KJ/100gr) / Kcal/100gr) 665/159
Total fat (gr/100gr) -- 7,6
Of which saturated (gr/100gr) -- 1,1
Carbohydrates(gr/100gr) -- 18,7
Of which sugars (gr/100gr) 11,7
Proteins (gr/100gr) -- 3,9
Sodium (gr/Kg) -- 14,2

Origin of product

Map Santorini - GreekBioStore
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