Santorini Spread with Tomato Paste Honey, Mastic Oil & Ginger

5 oz | 150 gr
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Greek olive oil for extra velvet texture and intense taste. Greek honey for more elegant sweetness and richer texture. Mastic oil for a more complex aromatic bouquet. Ginger for a spicy taste and long aftertaste.

Known for its breathtaking scenery, Santorini also provides an amazing culinary experience. Due to the unique terroir, the island produces specialties that can only be found here. The anhydrous climate, the volcanic soil, the cooling winds and the dense humid nights, combined with the unique varieties cultivated in the island, contribute to the creation of delicacies nobody can resist.

Santorini Tomatoes are one of a kind! An extraordinary result of dry farming practices in volcanic soil. In the local parlance, Santorini tomato is popularly referred to as «tomataki» (to-ma-tah-kee), meaning the small tomato.

Under its thick skin and the characteristic raffled shape, it reveals a concentrated full-body with natural sweet taste and intense aromas.

It embodies more vitamin C than regular tomatoes and the greatest amount of lycopene –known for its antioxidant qualities- than any other fruit or vegetable.

Equally unique is the tomato paste produced from the tomataki. Santorini tomato paste is famous for its distinctive red colour, velvety texture, sweet and slightly mineral taste, and zesty aromas. Its taste is amazing in red sauces, as a dip, or blended with other ingredients and herbs to add an extraordinary dimension in creative cuisine!

Tomatoes in Santorini are one of a kind! These tomatoes, called “tomataki” which means “small tomato” in Greek, have developed a thicker skin due to the rare rainfalls and blustery weather on Santorini.

Volcanic Soil

As a result of one of the greatest volcanic eruptions of all time, Santorini’s strong agricultural tradition is rooted in its soil which has a unique texture and includes lava, volcanic ash and pumice stone. This special composition yields products of distinctive profile and works as a natural shield from diseases. The vineyard in Santorini is self-rooted as it was never affected by phylloxera, and is one of the most ancient in the world with a 3,500-year history.

Dry Farming

Plants on Santorini are not irrigated artificially and rainfall is rare on the island. Therefore, the watering comes from the natural humidity and the sea mist which is absorbed by the volcanic soil, providing the necessary hydration. This method, known as dry farming, results in a low-yield production that creates unique, flavorful and concentrated fava, tomatoes and grapes.

Manual work

From sowing and pruning to harvesting, all of the work in the fields is done by hand. In areas of severe slope, the farmers have created terraces, built with lava stones, known as “pezoules” in order to provide easier access to the vineyards, to facilitate the cultivation and to maximize their capacity to absorb rain water. In the vineyards, the vintners have invented a distinct way of training the vines, called “kouloura”. The vines are kept close to the ground and are given a spiral, basket shape that anchors the grapes and protects them from the strong winds. The vineyard of Santorini.

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Santorini tomato paste double concentrated, honey, mastic oil & ginger.

Ideal to accompany cheese platters & charcuterie.
Spread for toasted bread, crackers, sandwiches.
The base of tomato sauce for pasta or pizza.
Spread on red /white meat that will be cooked in the oven.

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