Santorini Tomato Juice

14 oz | 400 gr
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Dry farming means you grow your crops without using any form of irrigation. Because surface water is not supplemented by irrigation, the plant roots grow deeper in their search of water. This results in wonderfully tasty tomatoes and an amazing food product.

Tomatoes contain all four major carotenoids: alpha- and beta-carotene, lutein, and lycopene. These carotenoids have individual health benefits, but also act in harmonious synergy as a group.

Consequently, this is a highly nutritional and flavorful tomato juice with a velvet texture, powerful aroma, vivid color, and extraordinary sweet taste! All due to the unique dry-farming and century-old traditions of our this "one-of-a-kind" eco-system in the beautiful island of Santorini.

Santorini Tomatoes are one of a kind! An extraordinary result of dry farming practices in volcanic soil. In the local parlance, Santorini tomato is popularly referred to as «tomataki» (to-ma-tah-kee), meaning the small tomato.

Under its thick skin and the characteristic raffled shape, it reveals a concentrated full-body with a natural sweet taste and intense aromas.

It embodies more vitamin C than regular tomatoes and the greatest amount of lycopene –known for its antioxidant qualities- than any other fruit or vegetable.

Equally unique is the tomato paste produced from the tomataki. Santorini tomato paste is famous for its distinctive red color, velvety texture, sweet and slightly mineral taste, and zesty aromas. Its taste is amazing in red sauces, as a dip, or blended with other ingredients and herbs to add an extraordinary dimension in creative cuisine.

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Dry Farming All Natural Tomato Juice (100%), salt, No preservatives & BPA Free

Santorini's dry-farming tomatoes are known for their intense aroma, lively color, and great taste. They make a fine ingredient for any of your Greek traditional recipes. You can simply add as a base in sauces for pasta, pizza, flatbreads, calzone, focaccias, meat, seafood or drizzle over fried "saganaki" and Feta cheese. Your tastebuds will be thanking you for an unforgettable culinary journey!

Energy (KJ/100gr) / Kcal/100gr) -- 143 /34
Total fat (gr/100gr) -- 0,2 Of which saturated (gr/100gr) --  0,1 & Carbohydrates (gr/100gr) -- 6,3

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