We are truly grateful for our loyal fans and customers, and we created a new way to...

Starting October 14th 2020, you can create your new account or sign in to your existing one, and once you place your order, you will automatically start accumulating rewards=points and earn even more as your online spend grows!

In addition, we made earning more fun and we will be adding more points to your account, as your contributions, engagement and sharing your enthusiasm for our authentic Greek products grows


Earn more while you shop your favorite Greek products

  1. With our new rewards program, spending on your favorite food, beauty and other authentic Greek products, means you earn points equivalent to a dollar amount, depending on the category, brand and level of spent reached at each purchase. It also means you can "cash out" and redeem your points at any given time, and up to 500 points per individual purchase!

  2. Shop our Beauty brands Aeolis and Bioselect, and earn the most points across all categories and products on the shop Earn 12 points for every 1$ spent.

  3. Shop our multi-awarded & best-selling brands and earn the most for your food purchases! Eulogia of Spart, Santo Taste, Askada Farm, Krokos Kozanis, Marianna's and Ladi Biosas Earn 10 points for every 1$ of your purchased amount.

  4. Keep shopping all other brands and products and earn more while you spend! Earn 5 points for every 1$ on your confirmed orders.

  5. Your reward points are displayed during your transaction and automatically assigned to each individual order. They are available to use & redeem, while checking out and completing your individual order!

  6. Points can not be shared, sent to others or used after the expiration date.

Point Redemption

From Point Redemption excluded all products with discount

Have fun & enjoy more Rewards
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Subscribe to our newsletter - Earn 150 points each time.

Write a purchased product review - Earn 50 points each time.

Send an email to refer specific products to your friends - Earn 30 points each time.

Refer link to family & friends through your GreekBioStore account - Earn 100 points each time.