Greek Pine Honey with Mastic - 10.5 oz

10.5 oz | 298 gr
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Greek Pine Honey with Mastic plant tears

Originating from the small island of Arkoi, in the middle of the Aegean Sea, where bees are working everyday to produce unique nectar from the local Pine trees. This secluded natural treasure has been preserved and untouched throughout the centuries, remaining pure and unaffected by modern malpractices.

Arkoi is known for its crystal blue waters and the hard-working handful permanent residents, being the guardians of the islands treasures, ambassadors of its rare quality and continued ancient old traditions.

Mastic, is gathered from mastic trees only found in Chios island, in the North Eastern Aegean Sea. This plant known for its multiple health properties, pairs perfectly with the tones and aromas of the pine nectar.

The combination yields a culinary delight, unveiling a world of sensations, with its cedar-like flavor of mastic, mild spiciness and reviving scent reminiscent of summer aromas. 

Enjoy its multiple benefits, such as anti-oxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties and shield your immune and gut systems while enjoying this celebrated and protected demoninantion of origin (PDO) masterpiece!

100% Natural – Raw – Unfiltered – Non-GMO - Vegetarian - No artificial flavors-colorings-additives

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100% raw & unfiltered wild Pine honey from Arkoi island in Aegean Sea mixed with Mastic plant tears.

Spread over bread, toast or crackers and enjoy as a snack. Drink with your Herbal Tea and drizzle over desserts, dark chocolate cakes, ice-creams or even walnut cake. Ideal to serve with a sharp cheese or aged cheese platter, nuts (almonds, pistachios), and sundried fruit. It's distinct and unmatched flavor will deliver an unforgettable experience!

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