Organic Flower Thyme

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It has a very strong and pleasant aroma. It blooms in the summer and small purple flowers grow on the top of its branches. The best type of Greek honey, thyme honey, is produced from its flowers! Thymol - its main component - is used as an antioxidant and antiseptic in respiratory and digestive infections. The herb extract reduces inflammation and accelerates the healing process, which makes it useful in many homeopathic remedies.

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100% naturally cultivated Greek flower thyme from Thesprotia, Epirus. Product of organic farming. 

Thyme is one of the most favored herbs in various cooking styles and cuisines. You can use in vegetables and seafood, without overpowering the taste of your dish. In soups like lentil and bean. Stews, meat, poultry dishes and garlic breads, flatbreads and pasta sauces. Last but not least, you can use to decorate desserts, like souffles and custards!

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