Organic Wild Greek Sage - Salvia triloba

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It has been known since the antiquity as "The Greek tea" thanks to the beneficial sun of Greece, which is exactly what the plant needs to grow. It is consumed primarily as a beverage and it is enjoyed either warm or cold. Its use in cooking is equally popular, because it imparts flavor and aroma to many dishes of the Greek cuisine and not only.

Since antiquity, this aromatic herb has been touted for its extraordinary health benefits and healing properties. Over the centuries, herbalists and folk healers have used common sage (Salvia officinalis) and other related medicinal herbs of the Salvia genus to treat everything from headaches, digestive complaints and dysmenorrhea (painful menstrual periods) to sore throats, hot flashes and mental disorders such as impaired memory and depression.

In recent years, many of the purported health benefits of sage have also been backed by scientific evidence. Some of them are : memory enhancing properties, positive effects on moods and cognitive perfomance, anit-inflammatory and cough-fighting qualities.

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100% naturally cultivated sage from Epirus, Greece. Product of organic farming.

Add 2-3 grams in a cup/pot with hot boiling water and allow it to rest for few minutes. Enjoy right after and mix it with raw greek honey for a nice healthy beverage treat.

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