Organic Wild Greek Nettle - Utrica

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Originating from Europe, nettle belongs to the Urtica genus of the Urticaceae family. It is an excellent detoxifier, and it is revitalizing and nutritious. Due to its diuretic action, nettle improves urinating & metabolic functions and consequently contributes in better sleep, maintaining normal weight and battling cellulite. 

100% naturally cultivated nettle from Epirus, Greece. Product of organic farming.

Add 2-3 grams of dried nettle leaves to a cup/pot of hot boiling water. Allow to rest for few minutes and enjoy right after. Mix with raw greek honey to overcome bitterness and get even more health benefits for your body. You can also turn the beverage into pink color by adding lemon juice.

NOTE: Pregnant or breastfeeding women should consult with their doctor prior to consumption.

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