Organic Greek Red Saffron in filaments

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Minoans portrayed saffron in their palace frescoes by 1500–1600 BC, showing saffron’s use as a therapeutic drug. Later, Greek legends told of sea voyages to Cilicia. There, adventurers hoped to procure what they believed was the world’s most valuable saffron. Greek Organic Red Saffron is distinguished for its excellent quality, which places it in the top quality of saffron in the world.
Krokos Kozanis, the gold of Greek land as it is called, is one of the most popular and precious spices of the ancient cultures, on account of its essence, color, pharmaceutical and aphrodisiac qualities. Cleopatra used it in her cosmetics, the ancient Finicians in their offers to goddess Astarte. Homer mentions it in his scripts while it is also found in the Old Testament.

The inhabitants of Kozani area plant Krokos in the summer and in the autumn remove by the hand the valuable stigmata of the beautiful flower and carefully dry it. It takes about 150.000 flowers to produce 1.000 grammars of red saffron. Krokos Kozanis or saffron or zafora as it is usually called belongs to the best quality of saffron in the world.
The Kozani Saffron Producers Cooperative has gained quality assurance certificate ISO 9001 in 1997 and it has developed certified organic cultivation of saffron.

In addition, the name “KROKOS KOZANIS” is registered as Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).

Health benefits of Greek Organic Red Saffron

This rare quality product is known and many recent studies are showing it carries anticancer, antithrombotic properties, can control blood pressure, improve mind and memory, boost your mood (depression), be an anti-aging ingredient and many more... Known since the times of Ancient Egypt, the crocus was much sought after by the ancient Greeks and Romans as it was believed to have medicinal and aphrodisiac properties too. In fact, it is cited by Asclepius and Hippocrates in their transcripts. It is still, today, used in pharmaceutics but mainly in cooking and confectionery. Moreover, it plays the role of pigment in products such as pasta and butter. It is easy to find recipes using the ingredient of crocus cited as saffron in cookery books. Try them and you won’t regret it. You will be thrilled!

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Greek Organic Red Saffron in Filaments, or threads, are actually the dried stigmas of the saffron flower, “Crocus Sativus Linneaus”.

Each flower contains only three stigmas. These threads must be picked from each flower by hand, and more than 75,000 of these flowers are needed to produce just one pound of Saffron filaments, making it the world’s most precious spice.

But, because of saffron strong colorings power and intense flavor, it can be used sparingly.

Saffron is used both for its bright orange-yellow color and for its strong, intense flavor and aroma.

Greek Organic Red Saffron, Crocus contains crocin, the source of its strong coloring property, bitter-crocin, which offers the distinctive aroma and taste and essential oils which are responsible for its therapeutic properties.

The locals are so dedicated to its production rite that one of the producer’s villages, i.e. Krokos, is named after this spice.

It flowers every year, in autumn from around mid-October to mid-November. This is also the crop period that gives way to a delicate processing phase through which the much-desired product will be obtained. Annual production, depending on weather conditions, ranges from 6 to 12 tons of pure red saffron each year. Much of this production is certified organic. All of it is (PDO) no other region of Greece can produce Greek Red Saffron.

It is also extremely high-quality: Greek Red Saffron, as provided by the Kozani Cooperative, has a guaranteed coloring strength of 230.

It's a fantastic ingredient for risotto, orzo meals, paellas, lemon based pork stew, red sauce beef stew and it's also added on halva, honey and beverages at it deliver combined health benefits and distinct flavors to every-day diets! A small quantity of saffron adds an exquisite flavor, color & aroma in all your dishes such as pasta, rice, soups. poultry, meat & fish.

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