Organic Pomegranate Juice

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The spores of pomegranate are removed from the peel and are juiced separately to avoid the stew leaving the peel of the pomegranate.
For the high hygiene of our juice, we chose the ΗΡΡ (High-Pressure Process) as it is the most modern and efficient.
This method ensures hygiene and freshness to the product without destroying the nutritional values as the hot pasteurization method does, which is mainly used until now in the juice industry.
It is worth noting that our juice is the first one produced in the Greek market which uses this method. The juicing and bottling are tested and certified as organic by COSMOCERT.
The whole process is controlled and certified as organic by Q-check Bio. Throughout the process, there is no use of any form of additives (sugar, colorants) or preservatives.

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100% organic pomegranate juice without the use of sugar, preservatives, additives or colorings.

Shake well and drink one bottle every morning to reap the unique health benefits of our organic pomegranate fruit!

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