Organic Fig Syrup from Kymi

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A fruity, rich, and sweet fig syrup, an extract of our carefully selected organic dried figs without adding any sweeteners or preservatives, thus offering rich fig flavor. This unique syrup is a dark-colored, luscious, and fully natural sweetener, quite similar to the grape syrup. It's a delightful fruity addition, ideal for topping on salads, ice-creams/gelato, tarts but also over your favorite cheese.

Organic Figs have numerous health benefits, high nutritional value, and a lot of essential vitamins and minerals for your every-day diet. More specifically figs have 83% naturally derived sugars. They are an ideal source of calcium, natural fibers, antioxidants, as well as vitamins A, B & C. Also known for their digestive properties as well as their great results against constipation. 

Organic - NonGMO - Vegan - Gluten-Free - No added sugar - No preservatives - No artificial substances

The Dry Figs of Kymi come from trees of the homonymous variety, cultivated exclusively in the borders of the Municipalities of Kymi and Konistra of the Province of Karystia, Evia. Their final form is special, as it consists of two dried figs torn in half and glued to one with their inside. This is the ancient process named "Askada", hence the homonymous brand name. Their processing requires several stages and a special technique, producing excellent quality products, recognized as PDO since 1996.

According to testimonies, the appearance of the Figs of Kymi in their current form is very old (from the middle of the 19th century). They are inextricably linked to the special microclimate of the area, but until the final stage, however, they have to go through a long "journey" until they reach your table. In specific, each fig goes through a minimum of 30 hands, as only the experienced hands of local women can understand the difference in a fig that has started to sour. Their processing and packaging are quite meticulous, due to their special form and shape and the non-use of preservatives, which result in the Dry Figs of Kymi always remaining natural and of the highest quality.

The sycamore tree that thrives in the area of ​​Kimi is mentioned as a separate variety. It is tall, has a very deep root system, and yields very good yields from the fifteenth year of its age, which ranges on average from 50-70 kg of fresh figs per tree. The fruit is large in size, rich in the flesh, as well as water and sugars. The bark is light green and relatively thin. The special environment of the area prevents the multiplication of the wax maker, the biggest enemy of the fig tree, with the result that the sycamore tree does not need fertilizers, while it is maintained with the water that absorbs from the rains. Every year, about 150 tons are produced from 22 villages (Vitala, Oxylithos, Andronianoi, Kalimerianoi, Potamia, Metochi, Pyrgos, Taxiarches, etc.) which have 25,000 trees.

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Organic Dried figs extract

This fig syrup is a versatile ingredient you can use as a natural sweetener, over your yogurt, salads, or ice-cream and add in your smoothie or breakfast shake. Ideal to drizzle over your favorite cheese and to create your own home-made dressing, for a burst of flavor and succulent fruity tone. Last but not least a favorite way to use, is to mix with a spirit and create a cocktail with amazing taste and unique texture. Enjoy an authentic sweet delight transcending through the centuries of beloved Greek tradition!

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