Organic Handmade Moustopiperia Sticks

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Red authentic Florina Pepper with vinegar, bay leaf and must from 100% xinomavro variety grape. Handmade with generations of tradition and expertise.

In Agios Panteleimon Florinas, at an altitude of six hundred ten meters, Naoumidis family cultivates the Red Florina’s Peppers and produces its innovative products.
To ensure the quality and authenticity of the variety, we hold our own seedbed. We wouldn’t even talk about authentic Florina Pepper, and at this point, we are currently straggling to consolidate the designation of origin if we didn’t have our seeds. It is outside of our philosophy the use of hybrid or mutant seeds. We process and pack our products in a stone made unit, a fine example of a harmonious combination between traditional architecture and modern installations.


This is low fat, low cholesterol, and rich flavor food. Here are some of the health benefits:
Due to their high concentration of vitamins A and C, roasted red peppers are a rich source of antioxidants. Antioxidants help prevent damage by free radicals — harmful compounds created by natural body processes and the environment — to cells.

As shown by their vivid red color, red peppers are rich in the pigment beta-carotene, which is converted by your body to retinol, a form of vitamin A, during the digestive process.
Vitamin A is necessary for eye health and maintaining healthy skin, membranes, and soft tissue.
Vitamin C provides support for your immune system and both vitamins A and C help your body repair itself after it has been injured.


Vitamin C
Amount - 152mg
Daily Value: 253%
Vitamin B6
Amount - .3mg
Daily Value: 17%
Amount - 54.7mcg
Daily Value: 17%

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Organic Red authentic Florina Peppers with vinegar, bay leaf and must from 100% xinomavro variety grape. Handmade certified organic product, lightly pasteurized without preservatives. 

Store in a cool & dry place.

Cold served appetizer.

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