Greek Wild Oak Honey - 10.5 oz

10.5 oz | 298 gr
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Greek Wild Oak Raw Honey

Wild Oak Honey is the first choice for the savviest of consumers.

The secret of this exclusive Wild Oak Honey lies in its production in the virgin mountains of Peloponnese, Greece. Wild Oak Honey is collected at an altitude of over 1200 meters, accessible only by hiking 9 hours to reach the beehives where it is produced.

Because of its inaccessibility, this variety of Wild Oak Honey is extremely rare. Ancient Greeks believed Oak trees were blessed with mythical and healing properties. Therefore today, Wild Oak Honey is considered among the most nutritious kinds of honey in the world.

100% Natural – Raw – Unfiltered – Non-GMO - No artificial flavors-colorings-additives

100% raw & unfiltered wild oak honey from Peloponnese, Greece

Spread over bread, toast or crackers and enjoy as a snack. Drink with your Herbal Tea and drizzle over desserts, ice-creams or even walnut cake. Ideal to serve with a cheese platter (Brie, Gorgonzola), nuts (pistachios), and sundried fruit.

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