Romantic Greek Gift Baskets

Speak the language of love with legendary Greek gifts!

Sometimes a thoughtful gift says 'I love you' more eloquently than words. But when you’re leading a busy lifestyle, it can be hard finding inspiration beyond flowers and chocolates.

Enter romantic Greek gift baskets - carefully curated sets full of eclectic edibles that tantalise the taste buds, or hair, beauty and male grooming products made from all-natural Greek ingredients.

When you want to take romance to another level, tap into the amorous traditions of ancient Greece.

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Gifts inspired by legendary love stories

These lovingly-created gift baskets are inspired by the heady tales of love and romance that pepper the pages of Greek mythology - perhaps some of these famous tales strike a chord?

  • Greek goddess of love Aphrodite was so smitten by the masculine charms of Adonis that she decided to take him to Persephone, Goddess of the Underworld, for safekeeping. When Persephone also fell in love with Adonis, Zeus was forced to intervene and decreed that Adonis spent half a year with each goddess - lucky guy!
  • Zeus himself wasn’t above a bit of trickery in the realms of romance ̶ he seduced Europa by transforming himself into a magnificent, muscular bull. When Europa took a ride on its back, she was taken across the sea to Crete where the couple had three children including Minos, who would become king of Crete ruling from his palace at Knossos.
  • When Ethiopian queen Cassiope boasted that her daughter Andromeda was more beautiful than the sea nymphs, they were outraged and demanded that Sea god Poseidon take his revenge. He promptly flooded the land and sent a sea monster to attack the coastal settlements, so Andromeda was chained to a cliff and offered as a sacrifice to resolve the situation. Luckily for her, Perseus flew past at just the right time, fell instantly in love and rescued her. To this day the constellation of Andromeda is nestled next to that of Perseus in the evening sky!

Beautiful gift baskets for that special someone

Need some help making your romantic Greek gift basket choice?

How about a Complete Face Care set from BIOselect which contains premium products like a soothing face mask, gentle makeup remover and complete all day moisturizing cream with UV protection?

Alternatively, your Authentic Greek Delicacies Mix No 3 contains exquisite consumables like Santorini fava beans and Smari pine honey from Crete.

Whether your paramour prefers hair and beauty products or excellent edibles, a romantic gift basket from Greek Bio Store is sure to turn up the heat!

Revitalize your romance with gifts of love from Greece