A Treasure Trove of Tasty Greek Snacks

Tide yourself over between meals with delicious & nutritious snacks

It turns out that being an Ancient Greek was rather hungry work.

Between advancing the causes of literature, philosophy and democracy during the morning and switching to dramatic arts, medicine and Olympic sports in the afternoon, it’s no wonder that a perpetual intellectual and physical quest for excellence sometimes caused very rumbly tummies between breakfast, lunch and dinner.

So because they knew that world-changing ideas rarely emerge from empty stomachs, those clever guys and gals developed a fondness for tasty snacks like pasteli (Greek honey sesame candy) pancake-like teganites, berries and fruits to keep those little grey cells and strong sinews in tip-top conditions.

Many of these snacks (or modern adaptations of them) are available from Greek Bio Store, so whether you’ve got Greek roots and want to rediscover some of your home nation’s between meal nibbles or are simply a fan of international cuisine, you’ll always find something nutritional here.

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  1. Organic Halva with Almonds Kandy's
  2. Organic Halva with Raw Greek Honey Kandy's
  3. Organic Halva - Vanilla Flavor Kandy's
  4. Organic Halva - Cocoa Flavor Kandy's
  5. Organic Halva - Wholegrain Kandy's
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Spoonsweets, spreads and halva

With Greek spreads, spoonsweets and halva, you’ve got a hattrick of snacks sure to help you score goals at work or play:

  • Organic halva is a delicious sesame seed-based bar-shaped snack that’s a natural protein booster packed with enough energy to power performance athletes, busy students, and high-flying executives through their busiest days. A fab source of fiber and vitamins A and E, it has antihypertensive qualities and also improves your immune system. Perhaps most importantly, it tastes great too!
  • Sesame spreads with chocolate, coco & hazelnut or lemon taste great with your favourite bread and they also enhance protein smoothies and vegan cake and brownie recipes. Sourced from Veria near Thessaloniki, these are a popular addition to any breakfast table and are ram-packed with natural nutrients.
  • Spoonsweets are stocked in many Greek households as standard and if you’ve never tried them before, be warned that they’re instantly addictive! These jam-like jars are packed with natural ingredients like vanilla, blueberry and aronia berries, so they’re nutritious rather than delicious, but they’re actually used to create classic sweet drinks when dissolved in chilled water, rather than being spreads. However, they can also be drizzled over ice cream, yoghurt, cheese or even baked chicken to add another delish culinary dimension.

Other popular Greek snacks include figs, pomegranates and peaches, all of which you can also find in plentiful supply right here at Greek Bio Store.

The next time you’re stuck for something tasty in between meals, don’t reach for processed snacks and drinks ̶ make sure your cupboards are fully stocked with our healthy Greek snacks.

Order superb Greek snacks today - don’t wait until you’re hungry!