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Make a beeline for beautiful Greek honey harvested from unique flora

Since you’ve landed here, you’re probably aware that there’s a big buzz all around the world about organic, authentic Greek honey. You can buy honey almost everywhere, but the biodiversity of the landscapes here and unique flora mean that Greek varieties really are something special in terms of uncommonly good taste and terrific health-enhancing properties.

Honey has played a central role in Greek history for millennia and the honey bee was a sacred symbol of Artemis and a distinctive design on Ephesian coins for almost six centuries. Known as ‘the nectar of the gods’, the father of medicine Hippocrates praised the therapeutic qualities of honey for treating an plethora of ailments, while Aristotle believed it was the key to longevity and, according to legend, Zeus consumed it in liberal amounts.

Greece has almost 1000 species of endemic flowers and over 7,000 herbs, which means the varieties are endless and many regions have superb signature blends that satisfy your sweet tooth like nothing else on earth.

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  1. Organic Fig Syrup "Sykomelo" ASKADA Farm
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  2. Thyme & Pine Honey from Crete Smari
  3. Raw Greek Arbutus Honey Eulogia of Sparta
  4. Organic Raw Greek Heather Honey Eulogia of Sparta
  5. Organic Pine Honey from Sitia Crete Savidakis Family
  6. Raw Organic Fir Honey Eulogia of Sparta
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  7. Greek Raw Wild Oak Honey Eulogia of Sparta
  8. Greek Pine Honey with Mastic Eulogia of Sparta
  9. Greek Honey Elixir with Ginger, Turmeric & Cardamom Eulogia of Sparta
  10. Wild Oregano Honey Mount Olympus Eulogia of Sparta
  11. Award Winning Greek Thyme Blossom Honey Eulogia of Sparta
  12. Organic Thyme Honey from Sitia Crete Savidakis Family
  13. Raw Organic Thyme & Pine Mix Honey Savidakis Family
  14. Thyme Honey from Lasithi Crete Smari
  15. Chestnut Forest Tree Honey Eulogia of Sparta
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Choose from several sweet Greek honey categories

Greek honey falls into two broad super-categories and several unique subcategories, so you’ll have fun exploring various brilliant brands until you find your favourite.

The super-categories are:

  • Honeydew honey (AKA forest honey or dasomelo) - produced by bees that feast on trees like conifers, pines, firs, and other sylvan plants.
  • Floral honey (AKA anthomelo) - produced by bees from flower nectar, typically from thyme, orange blossom and heather.

Thyme honey is one of the most popular subcategories amongst connoisseurs, but fir honeydew tastes fabulous, orange blossom honey has an amazing fresh perfume and heather honey has a delicate aroma and a subtle, refined taste.

Artisan Greek Honey Brands

Thanks to our long-established relationships with expert honey houses across the Greek mainland and islands, we’re in the privileged position to stock several artisan brands you’ll struggle to find elsewhere.

For instance, you might choose divine thyme & pine honey from Cretan brand Smari, which is lauded for its rich texture, strong perfume and ample flavonoids which protect against the harmful effects of free radicals, or wild oregano honey Mount Olympus from Eulogia of Sparta, harvested from the calcareous soils of this mystical mountain, packed with antioxidants and characterized by a perky, piquant taste.

Once you taste authentic Greek honey you’ll understand why it’s flying off the shelves and no one makes it easier to add a sweet new dimension to your diet than Greek Bio Store.

Get ready for authentic Greek honey that will light up your life!