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Sensational Greek Herbs and Spices

Spice up your life with legendary Greek ingredients!

Authentic Greek herbs and spices add an extra lip-smacking layer to everyday Mediterranean appetisers, salads and pasta dishes - just a sprinkling of sage, rosemary, oregano or saffron adds a final tasty flourish that lingers long after a marvellous meal is consumed.

And like many natural products sourced from the rich soil of various Greek regions, these ingredients also have a number of amazing health-enhancing qualities ̶ from aiding digestion to combatting depression and facilitating mental focus. When your spice rack is fully stocked with genuine Greek ingredients, you’re always one step closer to culinary satisfaction!

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  1. Organic Greek Red Saffron in Powder Krokos Kozanis
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  2. Organic Greek Red Saffron in filaments Krokos Kozanis
  3. Organic Sea Salt from Messolonghi Biofresco
  4. Organic Wild Greek Thymbra Aegean Organics
  5. Organic Wild Sage - Salvia Triloba Aegean Organics
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Ancient and authentic - Greek herb & spice history

The Ancient Greeks were the first civilisation to introduce exotic Eastern spices like ginger, cinnamon, cassia and pepper to the Mediterranean and using ingredients like coriander as a condiment and mint to infuse an innovative taste note in meat sauces.

But they were also used to guard against various ailments, with luminaries like Hippocrates, Theophrastus and Dioscorides developing hundreds of herbal remedies from ingredients including saffron, thyme and cinnamon, many of which were subsequently adopted worldwide and are still widely used today.

So when you order authentic Greek herbs and spices from Greek Bio Store, you’re tapping into a rich health and wellness legacy passed down from the ancients.

Unique Greek herbs & spices

Here are a few highlights from our extensive and eclectic range of Greek spices and herbs:

  • Organic Messolonghi sea salt is created completely naturally from the Messolonghi lagoon when the sun evaporates seawater. This flavour-packed ingredient contains only naturally occurring iodine with no artificial additives, as well as 80 essential minerals and trace elements.
  • Red saffron from Kozani is available in powder and filament form and this precious spice has been used as a therapeutic substance for thousands of years by civilisations including the Minoans and Egyptians as well as the Greeks. Harvested from crocus flowers, Greek red saffron is amongst the world’s finest and has anticancer properties as well as boosting memory and mood.
  • Basil has several health benefits, including diabetes management, supporting liver function, fighting free radicals and promoting healthy gut activity.
  • Oregano is an excellent antibacterial agent packed with antioxidants, phytonutrients that fight infections and vitamins E and K.
  • St John’s Wort is widely used to treat depression and associated symptoms like lack of appetite, poor sleep habits, lethargy and anxiety.
  • Thyme can help combat colds, it’s full of vitamins A and C and is a superb source of iron, copper, fibre and manganese.

Top up your supplies of great Greek herbs & spices today!