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Experience a health-enhancing diet that’s a way of life

For the Ancient Greeks, food was much more than mere fuel.

Indeed, the modern concept of ‘diet’ as a regimen of food and drink derives from the Greek word ‘diaita’. This encompasses a healthy, holistic lifestyle that draws on intimate knowledge of the land and a harvesting, processing, preparation, cooking and dining philosophy which prioritises sustainability and symbiosis at every stage ̶ from sowing a seed to serving a meal.

So you’ve got a lot on your plate when you buy any gorgeous food product from Greek Bio Store, but all the hard work has already been done by our amazing producers ̶ all you need to do is savour the taste and embrace the long-term health-enhancing benefits!

Sophisticated wellbeing through simplicity

Simplicity is the greatest sophistication in the tradition of the Mediterranean diet, so solid time-tested textures and flavours are combined in endlessly inventive and imaginative ways that tantalise the taste buds and supercharge the mind, body and spirit.

Provenance is paramount too ̶ with firm links to their land of origin, every product you purchase has peerless quality and safety sealed in by firms and families who have tenderly nurtured the same strips of fabulously fertile lands for generations.

From vibrant oils and vinegars to health-giving honeys and sublime spices and herbs to beautiful teas and beverages, every product is designed to delight your palate and work wonders for your wellbeing.

Your four pillars of food quality

When you stock your cupboards with fantastic food from Greek Bio Store, our four pillars of food quality provide peace of mind:

  • Organic and naturally-derived - we only work with suppliers whose product ranges are more than 60% non-GMO, vegan, plant-based and Keto and Paleo diet-friendly. Each product is clearly labelled so that you can make an informed and ethical choice every time.
  • 100% authentic Greek - you can clearly see the provenance of every product and every region of Greece with an established tradition of food excellence is represented. Taste and variety can vary from village to village, so we work with suppliers who know exactly how to tap into the natural nutritional treasures and traditions of each area.
  • Enhanced health benefits - genuine wellbeing properties recognised by independent international awards are primary selection criteria. You don’t need to take our word that your products will boost your health because many are already globally rated and renowned.
  • Sustainability as standard - in an era of ethical buying, we know it’s vital that your products are kind to the planet as well as your body, so sustainability is guaranteed at every stage of the process.

Greek Bio Store - Greek Food Authenticity Guaranteed!