Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

16.9 fl oz | 500 ml
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Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sparta, Laconia (PGI), Greece - Silver Medal "Olive Japan" Award 2018

This unique blend is an exclusive product, demonstrating the superiority of Greek Olive oil, the immense health benefits, and its unparalleled taste! Handpicked Athinolia and Koroneiki Olives, celebrated as two of the best varietals in the world are exclusively used to produce this pungent olive oil from the heart of Peloponnese land in Sparta, Lakonia. Both known to offer a higher level of “polyphenols”, rigorous chemical bonds existing in olive fruit, shown to have a positive effect & even prevent, heart and neurodegenerative diseases plus help lower cholesterol and aid with digestion.

In Sparta, olive oil is part of the sacred ancient legacy, another field of excellence for the locals transcending through generations, a tradition continued throughout the millennia.

“Eulogia of Sparta” family takes special care of the trees, nurtures the land, and gathers the harvest just in time to ensure the finest nutrients are secured until the product reaches your table. This dual blend, has a mild bitterness, a positive indication of the quality and youth of our olives, and of their distinct benefits.
It is a balanced, subtle olive oil that is equally ideal for raw consumption on salads and seafood, as it is for cooking and baking in the proper temperatures.

You will surely enjoy its distinct taste, golden color, and extremely low acidity that can be part of many different recipes!


Olive oil has been used as a medicine since antiquity. Two thousand years ago, Dioskouridis constituted the olive oil as an optimal health medicine, which was called "omphakium”, and the use of this olive oil was even recommended for preventing against headaches. Nowadays it is well-known about the importance of ’superfoods’ in our diet and how they help us to change our eating habits. One type of these superfoods is known to be extra virgin olive oil, as it is rich in polyphenols.
Polyphenols in olive oil are known to contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress.

-- The Koroneiki & Athenolia varieties are from the richest in phenolic value. Polyphenols are the chemical substances found in olive oil which have a beneficial effect on the human body due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action, anti-cancer, and anti-allergy properties.
They have been known to help reduce the incidence of many factors that cause them, such as cholesterol and diabetes mellitus hypertension. Polyphenols can be further analyzed into four classes based on their chemical structure, oleocanthal, oleacain, ligstroside, aglycone, and oleuropein. Each has its own value, providing the human body with the beneficial ingredients it needs.

-- The production period of this olive oil is limited, as its pressing and production take place at the beginning of October, giving olive oil an even more green color than early harvest olive oil.
The harvest of early olive fruits usually contains more polyphenols than late harvest-mature olives.

-- The bitter taste is because the fruit is still fresh, but the acidity is low, creating an olive oil rich in nutritional value. The acidity content in our typical harvest is approximately 0.2 to 0.4%,
which is well below the extra virgin qualification standard of 0.8% established by the International Olive Oil Council (IOOC).

-- The harvesting of our olives is carried out by specialized local crew with years of experience in striking the tree and dropping the fruit on the floor without damaging the actual fruit.

-- The dark-colored bottle helps protect olive oil from light exposure and maintains it until the expiration date.

-- Known for its exquisite balanced flavor, this olive oil possesses a mild bitterness, medium pungency, and a peppery finish.

This mild bitterness is a positive indication of the quality and youth of our olives and of their distinct benefits.
It is a balanced, subtle olive oil that is equally ideal for raw consumption on salads and seafood, as it is for cooking and baking in the proper temperatures. One of the best in our GreekBioStore!

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100% Organic Extra virgin olive oil single varietal from Athinolia & Koroneiki Olives

Release the distinct flavors and aromas of this fine Olive Oil, and enjoy over a fresh salad, pair with a cheese platter and charcuterie, drizzle over a freshly grilled fish or use for your seafood risotto and add on your white wine sauce.

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