Carolina Doriti

Hi, I’m Carolina Doriti, a chef, recipe developer and food writer from Greece. I live in the center of Athens, along with my 7-year-old son Apollo. I get charged up and inspired by the beautiful energy of this wonderful ancient city, abundant with culinary delights. 

Carolina Doriti

Cooking (and eating!) has always been my greatest passion and I have been messing around in the kitchen ever since I was child. From the age of 12 I have been exploring international cuisines,  gathering recipes that I found intriguing, and creating my own. This has evolved over the years into my very own precious collection - a handwritten book of recipes, which I always refer to. 

In 2014 I started writing about food and doing some deeper research on the roots and history of Hellenic gastronomy, culture and traditions.  The more I discovered and learnt, the more my passion grew - and still does!

After almost a decade of intense research, travelling and experimenting with recipes and ingredients, I am now close to actually publishing my very own cookbook (more to be revealed soon!) and finally accomplishing one of my biggest dreams! 

Nowadays I spend my time mostly in the kitchen; cooking, baking, writing, and further exploring and experimenting with greek ingredients and new products. If you share my passion and love for food and Greece, don’t hesitate to reach out by email ([email protected]), I would love to hear from you!

10 quick facts about Carolina

1.I am a huge supporter of seasonal cooking and I believe that a balanced diet needs variety.
2.I do not use any products that contain ingredients that I do not understand, in other words I don’t include processed foods and preservatives in my daily diet.
3.I love farmers markets - that’s where you’ll find me at least once a week - and I support artisanal producers in every way I can!
4.I love travelling and discovering food cultures from around the world, experimenting with new ingredients and fusing them in the cuisine I know best; the Greek! 
5.I am particularly fond of the Greek islands, their culinary traditions, beauty of nature and simplicity of life there, and I vision myself retiring in one of them one day.
6.I admire Julia Child because she was first to prove that you can make your dreams come true no matter what. As long as there is passion and faith in what you do, you can move mountains!
7.I enjoy simple things and among my favorite dishes is a fresh, grilled fish or charcoal grilled lamb chops, sided by a plate of mountain wild greens (horta as we call them in greek) drizzled with top quality early harvest extra virgin olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice. 
8.I am a pilates geek - I practice it at least 3 times a week, and I love going on long walks. 
9.My son Apollo means the world to me and I am proud to say that he is growing into an amazing food connoisseur - he’s definitely my most trusted judge of every single recipe I create!
10.I love taking photos of food and I am active on social media and particularly on Instagram so if you wish to follow me here’s my account @carolina_doriti.

If you wish to read more about me

I was born in Athens where I grew up in a family with a long history of involvement in the culinary world. My family line is of true multi-cultural heritage, an unusual mix of Greek, Argentinian, Cypriot & German, which heavily influences the way I perceive life and food as a whole. Both of my grandfathers & mother worked in food related jobs and as a result I was introduced to adventurous and treasured ingredients from a very early age! My favorite food companion was my grandfather George who taught me how to properly enjoy eating and drinking!

Inspired from the early age of 7 when my mother (a published food writer in her own right), gave me a UNICEF children’s cook book which went on to impact my whole future and career path more significantly than I could ever have imagined at that time. I started developing my own recipes from the age of 12 in the conducive environment of my home kitchen, a place constantly alive with action and culinary creative excitement! Growing up cooking became my meditation; my method to release from stress, relax and concentrate, and at the same time express my creativity. 

Fluent in Greek, English & Spanish, over the years I have gained vast knowledge of international food history and evolution but my heart has always remained in Greece, embedded in the Hellenic world of gastronomy which I believe is incomparably full of culinary history and astounding raw ingredients. 

Prior to dedicating my life full time to gastronomy, I was further educated in the UK where I was awarded with an MA in Arts admin, Cultural policy and curating. Right after, I worked as a curator in various cultural institutions & museums until 2005, when I finally decided to pursue my (inner-calling) culinary career path. Since then, I started working as a private chef and caterer for over 10 years and gradually got involved with the restaurant business development too.

At the same time, I am also a proud mom. In 2013 my son Apollo was born! He often joins me at work and he is already a food-connoisseur, loves getting involved and is a huge influence & inspiration to me, both in the kitchen as well as in life in general. 

As a professional chef, curator, food traveler, and passionate historian of Greek gastronomy, my work covers a wide range of culinary expertise. I do enjoy traveling more than anything to discover small producers, new ingredients and bespoke ways of using them. But what does offer the most excitement to me, is the discovery of culinary connections between different food cultures, despite the vast distances standing among them. This has been the main reason I have extensively studied the history of food and always strived to relate it to the history of other cultures and explain the way every local cuisine has evolved. 

I know Athens like the back of my hand, every little eatery and bar and cafe as well as the history and the people behind them! In 2013 I started working with CULINARY BACKSTREETS, an awarded US company operating globally, known for organizing exceptional gastronomy tours in several cities around the world, with a highly successful web presence showcasing global cuisine and local culinary traditions. I am the Athens’ Bureau chief, and I design their exclusive gastronomy tours in Athens. 

Since 2016 I have been working with Diana Kochilas and as the culinary producer of the popular series MY GREEK TABLE, presented by Diana and broadcasting on the PBS network as well as internationally in various other countries, via cable networks & YouTube. In the episode filmed in Athens in Season 2 I was proud to be co-hosting with Diana. 

As a food journalist I have been honored to work for several industry-leaders, having contributed and authored for an array of publications including National Geographic Food (UK), This is Athens, VIMAgazino & Gefsignostis. 

Another great partnership comes with the Award-winning brand WISE GREECE - an NGO based in Athens - that supports dozens of Greek producers, while producing charity work offering food to people in need. 

Other TV appearances - both In Greece and internationally – include the programs ‘Pita Planet’ (Dubai), ‘Drinking the world’ (Canada/Montreal) & Me voy a comer el mundo (Spain) .

Still loving the hands-on excitement of sharing food stories and experiences face to face with others, I design & host bespoke cooking tutorials and workshops in Athens and online. 

My latest projects include the opening of my first solo restaurant project ‘Plexi’ located in the transforming ex industrial area of downtown Athens & the launch of a new official online cooking demonstration series in conjunction with Culinary Backstreets. 

My biggest desire is to let the world know about Greek food traditions and recipes that have been almost lost in time. I believe the products of Greece are a unique treasure and part of our world’s heritage (matches our Divine Legacy moto)! I feel so grateful to live in a country with so many “ultra-rich” natural ingredients, family-owned farming, distinct agriculture, and so much history behind them all. But even more so, I am in love with the fact you can create dozens of recipes just from one humble ingredient & my ultimate aspiration is to instil the love for these authentic ingredients in those who follow me and my work!

Carolina Doriti

Carolina Doriti

My first published book was authored for Culinary backstreets titled ‘A guide to eat in Athens’ (published in 2016). I have recently completed a cook-book for children written in Greek and modelled around Greek mythological stories and figures and my current project is a beautiful cookbook written in English from my heart and... stomach!

More exciting news to come soon!