Lasithi, Crete

We are truly proud and privileged to be offering this distinct collection of multi-awarded Olive oils exclusively to all our customers in the States..

Is a family business established in 1975 – originating in the mountainous Kalamafka region of Lasithi, Crete - specialized in the selection and production of finest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Their goal is to successfully promote the world-renowned, highly nutritional & flavorful Cretan olives and all of its derivatives. The quality, purity & low acidity of these Cretan extra virgin olive oils of Protected Denomination of Origin, are an integral part of the Greek culture and celebrated since antiquity and the Minoans era. This founding partner offers 4 different types known as: Elasion Gold, Sitia PDO, Kolimvari PDO and Organic Harvest.


Quality Award 2020 - Gold
Quality Organic 2020 - Bronze
London 2019 IOOC award – Bronze
ITQi 2018 Superior Taste Award – Brussels
Athena 2017 International Olive Oil Award – Bronze
London 2017 IOOC award – Bronze
ITQi 2017 Superior Taste Award – Brussels


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  1. Sitia PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil Elasion
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