Premium Raw Greek Honey cheese boards

Premium Raw Greek Honey cheese boards

Lush grazing boards are hard to resist and quite the centerpiece for entertaining friends. You can swiftly put together some of the most delectable grazing boards. If you wish to go beyond the classic crudités and dips, cheese and honey are a real treat. You can find an amazing array of honey, matched with the creamiest cheeses so that you can make your board a memorable tasting.

When it comes to honey tasting, it’s best to have a variety of honey on your board. There are three broad categories of honey, characterized by its most distinctive element, honey color: light, medium and dark.

Light honeys, such as heather honey, are normally extremely aromatic and floral. Medium and dark honeys, also known as forest honeys, come from the sap of the trees and they are defined by their intense, often resinous flavor. Whilst light and medium honeys can often be interchanged in their pairings, dark honey is stronger, malty and best matched in balance with other strong flavors.

Which cheese? As a general rule, savory cheeses are best with sweet and delicate honeys, often floral honeys such as thyme honey. Sweet and delicate cheeses are best matched with stronger tasting honey, such as chestnut or arbutus honey. These boards are ideal to experiment, taste new products and play with flavor combinations.

A great way to match them is to check on their provenance, or terroir if you wish. Where things grow naturally together, you instinctively find the best matches.  That’s why wild oregano honey is matched with a modern Greek cheese dip, whipped feta cream.

Eulogia of Sparta has a wide range of exceptional quality honeys. The honeys are raw and unfiltered, meaning that there is minimal processing of the honey. No heat has been applied during the extraction of the honey so that its utmost nutritional value is preserved.

Wild oregano honey from Mount Olympus with whipped cream of feta

This mountainside honey, light in color and with a flowing viscosity, is best for drizzling over thick yogurt and good feta cheese. I whipped these two together, with a bit of lemon rind for a delicate yet intense flavor to complement this fragrant honey. Smooth and spicy, this wild oregano honey comes in small batches as beehives are spending the flowering season on the hillsides of Mount Olympus in central Greece.

For the whipped feta dip, you will need:

  • 100 gr feta
  • 200 gr Greek yogurt
  • a bit of lemon rind

In a food processor, whip together some feta and yogurt, with a tiny bit of lemon rind. If too thick, add a bit of milk. Serve on crackers adding a drizzle of oregano honey.

Organic raw Greek Heather honey with Stilton

Heather honey has a foxy red color, it is slightly resinous, and has all the strength of dark honeys but without being too assertive. Its fabulous bouquet makes a very nice contrast to blue, sharp stilton. This single origin honey is produced by bees which collect pollen from the pure mountain of Taygetos in the Peloponnese.

Raw Greek Arbutus honey with Manchego

Arbutus honey is valued medium-dark honey that is known for its medicinal properties and it is relatively high in antioxidants. A beguiling mixture of aromatic sweetness and bitter notes, this is a rare and very special honey.  

The arbutus shrub, also known as a strawberry tree, is native to the Mediterranean region and a great help to bees, as they greatly rely on it for their overwinter reserves. You could even say it is the bees’ favourite. The flavor of arbutus honey is truly unique: slightly bitter as it is very low in sugars and smokey which makes it a perfect match for a sweet and nutty cheese like manchego.

Greek thyme blossom honey with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese

In Greece, thyme honey is a staple for every household. It is a delicate, highly aromatic honey that is best paired with a sharp, nutty cheese like Parmigiano Reggiano. Eulogia of Sparta Thyme blossom honey has a wonderful aroma that will transport you straight to the dry, rocky slopes of the Dodecanese where the thyme shrubs grow. Beware! It a very moreish cheese and honey pairing!

Chestnut blossom honey with Swiss Gruy

Chestnut honey is one of the classic gourmet dark honeys. Eulogia of Sparta Chestnut blossom honey is produced in the protected chestnut forests of Mount Athos (Natura 2000). It is slightly bitter and it might not be to everyone’s taste but its qualities, high in minerals and tannins, cannot be overseen. A drizzle over pears and some Swiss Gruyere or Pecorino make a wonderful combination that will delight both well-versed honey connoisseurs and it is the perfect initiation to first timers.

What else to include on your board.

Fruit are essential as they really show off the aroma of floral honeys and help cleanse the palette so you can jump from one honey & cheese pairing to the next. Opt for seasonal fruit; berries such as strawberries and raspberries are a nice match for summer. Peaches are great with honey and grapes make a good transition from one match to the next. Apples and pears are also a great choice for autumn and winter.

Similarly, plain bread slices such as a baguette or crackers will help smooth the transition. For your crackers, again try with some not too intensely flavors so that you can enjoy the cheese and honey pairing.

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