Organic Sea Salt from Messolonghi

8.8 oz | 250 gr
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A natural, raw, 100% authentic Greek product.

Greek Sea Salt from the unique lagoon of Messolonghi, is naturally produced by the evaporation of seawater from the sun and contains no chemical additives or improvers. A process that ensures all the natural properties of the salt are maintained until consumption. It is not artificially iodized (no addition of synthetic iodine) and it contains only the naturally occurring iodine which is organically absorbed by the human body.

It contains 80 essential minerals and trace elements establishing it as an essential food for a healthy diet. It is full-flavored and ideal for healthy every-day cooking.

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100% pure sea salt
Salt added to water makes the water boil at a higher temperature, thus reducing cooking time. Compared with table salt, sea salt is less processed, contains more trace nutrients, and has a larger particle size, a characteristic that explains why it contains less sodium per teaspoon. It contains minerals, including potassium, iron, and calcium & side from its multiple culinary uses, sea salt is often added to body scrubs, baths, beverages, and countless other products. Last but not least salt has numerous applications in the kitchen and household cleaning too.

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