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Pucker up for natural Greek lip care

When you want to look as arresting as Aphrodite, you’ll need to ensure that your lips look and feel legendary.

Luckily, at Greek Bio Store we always have a wide range of organic Greek lip care products that moisturise, enhance elasticity and protect against the elements so that you look stunning in any season.

Sourced from artisan producers across Greece, some premium products combine classic natural ingredients like the finest organic olive oil, vitamin-packed honey, therapeutic and aromatic dittany and home-grown herbs. These health-giving elixirs deliver deep moisturising action and skin suppleness, without leaving any oiliness whatsoever.

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  1. Fortifying Hyaluronic Booster + Bioselect
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Other products include the perpetually popular 100% organic dictamelia lip balm, as well as products featuring fabulous flavours like vanilla and biscuit, cherry, and raspberry. These time-tested formulas protect lips in any weather and temperature and because they’re rich in antioxidants they guard against dryness and skin cracks, moisturise and act as an effective natural sunscreen.

With natural Greek lip care products delivered to your door, you’ll feel like a goddess every day.

Terrific traditional Greek lip care products

Greek women have had rigorous daily beauty regimes for aeons and in ancient times, keeping skin soft and supple with organic products like beeswax, honey and olive oil was de rigueur. Although todays Greek citizens usually have gorgeous sun-kissed golden tans, the preference back in the mists of time was for a pale complexion and this was achieved with chalk and even white lead, both of which would never be used nowadays as they’re deemed unsafe.

Furthermore, no self-respecting high-class ancient Greek lady would have stepped out in society without her makeup, a central component of which was dramatic lips enhanced by a balm created from wax and red iron oxide.

Today’s organic Greek lip care products only contain ingredients that are completely non-toxic, sustainably sourced and kind to your skin and the planet. Here’s just one wonderful example:

  • BIOselect Fortifying Hyaluronic Booster + is a plumping and strengthening daily booster balm that enhances your natural skin barrier, improves elasticity, and irons out the fine lines around the eyes and lips, thus combatting these tell-tale signs of ageing. Originating from Rethymno in Crete, this eco-friendly product has an amazing 98.4% naturally derived ingredients.
As you can see, Greek beauty and body care expertise also extends to the lips and with the totally natural lip care range on offer at Greek Bio Store, your plump and moisturized lips will always look completely kissable!

Outstanding Organic Greek Lip Care Products - Delivered Direct To Your Door!