Natural Greek Haircare Products

Good hair days are guaranteed with all-natural Greek shampoos and more

When your hair feels great, it gives you that essential boost that makes tackling those everyday challenges just that little bit easier ̶ whether you’re dropping your kids off at school, grabbing lunch with friends or attending a business meeting, looking immaculate inspires personal confidence and conviviality.

At Greek Bio Store we have a brilliant range of natural Greek hair products with rich, rare ingredients that cleanse, condition and moisturize, leaving your hair and scalp looking and feeling fabulous.

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In Ancient Greece, hair care was intimately intertwined with locally-grown organic products - for instance women would comb olive oil through their hair to provide natural nourishment and a lovely sheen, while in Crete laurel pits were added as a natural dye to create a distinctive black color.

Today we adhere to the same principle by supplying premium products carefully crafted from local plants, Greek herbs and spices - delivering dynamic Greek haircare history and heritage right to your door.

A deep and diverse range of holistic Greek haircare products

Part of the joy of discovering our robust range of Greek haircare products is trying out a few until you find your firm favorites, but here are a few highlights to help you get started on your quest:

  • BIOselect mild shampoo - glowing rituals - cameila tsubaki oil is a gentle, SLS-free shampoo which won’t irritate your scalp. It’s enriched with Greek organic olive oil and argan, but the core ingredient camelia tsubaki (tea seed oil) has been part of the daily haircare regime of Japanese women for generations and leaves your hair feeling smooth and hydrated as well as looking shiny and healthy. Sourced from Rethymno in Crete, this exotically scented product is crafted from 91.9% naturally derived ingredients.
  • Aeolis oily hair shampoo - organic olive oil and rosemary uses its natural ingredients to reduce the oiliness of your hair, remove excess sebum, prevent dandruff, restore optimal hydration levels and protect against environmental damage. Argan oil and organic olive oil combine to deliver excellent antioxidant qualities, D-panethenol penetrates the hair cortex to promote shine and moisture, while Greek honey has amazing emollient and antimicrobial properties. Add the beautiful scent of bergamot and you’ve got a premium product that always leaves your hair in tip-top condition, smelling as fantastic as it feels and looks.
These products merely offer a taste of the entire range, but they exemplify the wonderful ways that natural ingredients are carefully combined to deliver the highest level of hair care every day.

Grab gorgeous natural Greek haircare products right here!