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Greek Natural Organic Essential Oils

Soothing scents with terrific therapeutic properties

Greek natural organic essential oils extracted from herbs, shrubs, flowers and trees have been a vital part of holistic medicine in this part of the world for thousands of years and the brands and varieties which we’ve selected for our collection uphold this fine tradition.

When you want to live more symbiotically with nature, interact more harmoniously with those around you and be more attuned to positive energy within yourself, the floral fragrances and infusions of Greece are the key that unlocks a new dimension for mind, body and soul.

Our Greek organic essential oils also have anti-inflammatory properties, boost the immune system, and combat stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and indigestion - unlock their powerful potential with a few drops a day!

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In Ancient Greece, hair care was intimately intertwined with locally-grown organic products - for instance women would comb olive oil through their hair to provide natural nourishment and a lovely sheen, while in Crete laurel pits were added as a natural dye to create a distinctive black color.

Today we adhere to the same principle by supplying premium products carefully crafted from local plants, Greek herbs and spices - delivering dynamic Greek haircare history and heritage right to your door.

Organic essential oils - health superpower of the ancient Greeks

It’s believed that the ancient Greeks first adopted essential oils from the Egyptians around 500 BC, when records show that soldiers carried myrrh ointment into battle with them to prevent infections. But it was the ‘father of medicine’ Hippocrates who was first to study essential oils with scientific rigor, carefully noting the effects of over 300 plants including cumin, peppermint, marjoram and saffron.

The expertise he developed also incorporated elements of ayurvedic medicine garnered from Greek military personnel who had encountered Indian physicians during their campaigns with Alexander the Great.

According to Hippocrates, a daily perfumed bath and a scented massage are key to robust health ̶ a recommendation we thoroughly support!

An eclectic collection of Greek essential oils

New to organic Greek essential oils and not sure when to start? Here are a couple of excellent products from our collection at Greek Bio Store:

  • Organic lemon essential oil from Bioselect is sourced from Rethymno in Crete and is widely used for treating skin disorders, fatigue, digestive problems, asthma, and insomnia. Lemon oil has natural invigorating, cleansing, detoxifying and anti-fungal properties and is used to rejuvenate skin and as a hair treatment to cure dandruff. This eco-friendly, cruelty-free product is 100% pure and undiluted, organic, and steam-distilled. This is a rare and refined product, therefore orders are limited to 12 units per person.
  • Organic mint essential oil from Bioselect is another 100% pure and undiluted product that’s used aromatically, applied topically to ease aching muscles, and also alleviates digestive complaints and allergy symptoms. Another premium product of Cretan provenance, this excellent oil of exceptional quality is limited to 12 units per customer.
As you can see, using natural organic Greek essential oils can transform your life for the better - after you try them, you’ll wonder how you did without them.

Grab excellent Greek organic essential oils today with door to door delivery!