Award-winning Greek Thyme Blossom Honey - 10.5 oz

10.5 oz | 298 gr
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Our wild Thyme Blossom Honey originates from the dry, rocky Dodecanese island region in southern Greece. Very sweet & thick with hints of thyme, rosemary, citrus and hot cotton candy, Eulogia of Sparta honey has persistent and lingering sweet, delicate flowers.

100% Natural – Raw – Unfiltered – Non-GMO - NO artificial flavors-colorings-additives

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100% premium Raw Thyme Honey

Ideal for every-day use, safeguarding and boosting your immune system, you can enjoy as a snack over bread, toast, flax-seed pancakes or even oats. Can drizzle over fresh fruit, gelato or nuts. You can also combine with your beverages and get all the anti-oxidant benefits from this superior product and a herbal tea or mate of your choice. Whatever the choice, this will be an unforgettably robust flavor, of spiciness, pepper, and floral aromas.

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