AEONS Red Wine Vinegar from Pteleos in Thessaly

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On the Mediterranean diet, red vinegar is combined with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which makes them ideal ingredients in our traditional cuisine and recipes.

Red wine vinegar starts life as red wine.
First, the wine is left to ferment until it sours and becomes acidic. At this stage, it is either bottled or left to age.

AEONS Red wine vinegar has a bright, clear red color with a slightly fruity flavor and a subtle sweetness. It is produced from the grape varieties of Agiorgitiko, Merlot, and Cabernet. It is ideally suited with sweet & sour style sauces and dressings (Acidity 7%).


  • Potential weight loss, due to the acetic acid up-regulating fatty acid oxidation
  • Aids with digestion claims that are linked with its ability to help stomach acids
  • Contains polyphenol compounds such as tannins and anthocyanins, that increase levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL cholesterol) in the body
  • May help reduce blood pressure due to its anti-hypertensive effect (solely proven on animal research)
  • Reduces sugar level in blood due to the cetic acid component
  • Carries anti-microbial properties and research has indicated acetic acid can have a powerful effect on drug-resistant infections
  • Increases nutrient absorption such as calcium and magnesium due to the acetic acid


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Grape varieties of Agiorgitiko, Merlot & Caberneut. Acidity 7%

The most common use for red wine vinegar is to add it to your salad. A simple mixture of extra virgin olive oil and vinegar makes for a healthy and delicious everyday diet. You can use it for marinades, pickling, baking and to produce your own version of vinaigrette sauce.

You can also make your own red wine reduction sauce, by bringing the vinegar to a boil and then simmering to reduce the water content.
The result is a thicker consistency sauce to use as a condiment with food. It is ideal to serve with steak, chicken, and salmon.

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