the purity of blessed Greek nature

GreekBioStore was created to become the leading on-line platform for supplying premium quality biological and organic Greek products to its customers. Offering the highest quality and highlighting the multiple benefits of the Greek diet and tradition to a healthy nutrition and overall wellness.


With criteria such as genuine quality and taste, sustainability and respect for the environment and striving for new & innovating services, is consistently sourcing traditional products, across all corners of Greece. Partnering with local producers & family owned businesses, to showcase an excellent collection of products, all crafted with abundant creativity, passion and expertise.


We select partners who are certified professionals and meet highest proven standards of quality and purity for their products. Exclusive brands and hand-crafted products, made with sustainable practices, traditional methods & modernized techniques.


One of our main objectives, is to establish the term “Product of Greece” in the US Market, ensuring the right level of recognition and a higher sense of awareness, for the benefits of Authenticity & Protected Denomination of Origin. Through this effort, we are committed to constantly educating our audience & partners, and spreading the facts that demonstrate why Greece is such a blessed and Divine place. Where ideal climatic conditions & diversity of its eco-system yield products of unparalleled quality, taste and nutritional properties.


  • Commitment – to Premium Quality and highest product standards
  • Sustainability – of operation and continuous respect for the environment
  • Social Responsibility – expanding to local societies and services for people in need
  • Legacy – promoting the vocabulary and unique benefits of Greek culture, tradition, & principles